Plank Challenge Update

Friday, March 27, 2015

At the beginning of the month I posted about a plank challenge that I was going to be doing and I wanted to provide a little update if you'd like to read...
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Choosing Finishes for My Condo

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tuesday was the day--finally--to choose the finishes for my condo.  If you're new, you can read all about my condo here + and update here, however, the short of it is, I purchased a condo about two and a half years ago but still don't live there.  Since it's a brand new build, it will only be ready at the end of this year (although, it was supposed to be ready last November if we were to stick to the initial plan--but apparently this is the norm for new builds).

All that to say, I had my appointment to choose all the fun, interior stuff.  Now, although I don't do too terribly in the decor department, it's definitely not my forte.  I knew some of the basics that I wanted (ie. a white kitchen), and I have been keeping a Pinterest Decor board for inspiration, however, getting into the Design Centre to choose everything is a whole different ball game.

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Condo Tour | A.Co est. 1984

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today I'm finally sharing our condo tour--which I thought I had already shared on here when I uploaded it to my YouTube channel last Summer, but apparently not #badblogger.  

I wanted to share it here since (1) I had promised I would after sharing the pre-move in tour, (2) because I have a few posts coming up that will relate, and (3) who doesn't love being nosy (I do!).

Finally, a few things have changed since then, like the location of the dining room table, the cat's bed, and we've added a new living room chair into the mix, along with a new tv, a mirror in my closet, and I have 'finished' the bedroom (with art work, Euro pillows, etc.).

As always, thank you for watching! xo

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Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Monday, March 23, 2015

We woke up on Saturday morning to a massive snowstorm... at the end of March.  Le sigh.  I guess we shouldn't expect Spring any time soon!  That said, it was mild and we were headed up to Mont. Tremblant for the weekend for what might be our last chance to ski this year.

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Las Vegas Clothing & Beauty Haul

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Today I'm sharing with you the purchases I made in Las Vegas.  I didn't do a ton of shopping, but couldn't not pick anything up!  When in Rome, right?

My favourites are definitely the Marshalls finds and I can't wait to rock that kimono once the weather gets a tad warmer (we are still sitting at -20C, wth!).

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